Carrier Types

Miami Auto Shipping uses all types of trailers or carrier types to get the job done right. Not every trailer type is preferred for every route or pickup and delivery location. We’ll give you some examples below and starting with a shorter type of haul is where we’ll start. Take a look at our Auto Transport Process page to help with more questions you might have. Thanks for looking

Wedge Trailers: Wedge trailers are usually pulled interstate or under 800 miles because of the number of vehicles that can be transported at a time. Usually, you’ll see them being pulled by a pickup truck or a 3500-5500 series truck. We like to use these because they’re mostly safe. Nothing is loaded above and they can take vehicles that don’t run.

A good route would be Miami to Orlando

carrier types or trailer types
Wedge Trailer

Mini 5 Trailer: These trailers are good for intermediate routes under 1500 miles usually. They can also load large and (inop) vehicles or vehicles that don’t run. All vehicles must roll to be transported.

8-10 Car Open Trailer: These are the trailers you see heading down the road with a bunch of cars on them. They’re usually used for long hauls and cross-country moves because of their size.

8-10 Car Carrier

Enclosed Trailer: Enclosed or closed trailers as some customers say are good for those hard-to-load vehicles. When we say hard to load it’s usually because of ground clearance. Exotic cars have this issue because most are race cars and some just need to go enclosed because of the extra insurance coverage.

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